Thursday, September 23, 2010

Change is Coming...

So keeping up with a blog is hard work!  I have been so crazy I haven't been keeping you guys updated!  Ok here we go!

As I previously stated I am so ready for changes in my life.  Well they are starting.  As of Monday I started a new job!  New names, new faces, new everything.  I even joined the rest of the Atlanta population and got my self a commute! Ok, not so excited about that one.  Last week my hubby and I went on a cruise vacation in celebration of our 3 year wedding Anniversary.  The de-stressing process goes as follows: Sleep, Eat, Lay Out (sleeping while in direct sun) Eat some more, Sleep some more and repeat for 5 days.  So I followed that very strict de-stress process for the entire trip. I did not allow myself to think about anything stressful; not to think about the pounds I was sending to my hips.  Now its go time! Time to make necessary lifestyle changes, make sure not to let stress back in my life.  Change is coming... and I am ready for it!

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