Thursday, August 19, 2010

Preserve yourself even through changes

Well the title of this post is two-fold. One I didn’t get to finish my preserves because I want you all to see my pictures of how it went but I have since misplaced my SD card for my camera. I am really bummed about that because the buttermilk biscuits I had last night would have been great with some pear preserves! Well anyway, I will finish it soon with or without pictures so I will tell you soon how it went.

Now, preserve yourself. I just turned 25 this month and I had been feeling like I needed to make some changes for the last few months. After therapy sessions with my older sister and one of my best girlfriends, they both told me that they went through the same feelings at the age of 25. You know, I am not one of those people that look at each birthday as a major landmark. To me it’s just another day. Nothing special, I don’t feel any different I just added another year to my experience of life. Well Aug 7th came in went in this same form and fashion as all the others. It was just that subconsciously I realized that I needed to make some adjustments. Ok, so now let’s breakdown what I feel needs to change. Well as all girls do, I always feel I can lose weight. This is especially true since I truly have put on some pounds in recent months. Another thing is my wardrobe. I feel like I am stuck in the same look that I have been since high school. I know that’s not true, but some of the pieces are. Lastly I felt like I needed a new hair style. Something cool and funky, easy and quick.  Since I was helped to this realization that changes needed to happen I had to start to make them. So first, hair I decided I want to cut it all off again so 2 weeks ago I cut it off and I love it.

 Then in talking to my sister and my dear friend they reassured me that they like my sense of fashion and feel that I should preserve my slightly eclectic styling. It’s nothing too crazy it’s just not a magazine cookie cutter. Ok so all this said… I received my latest issue of Real Simple magazine!

 They are so AWESOME! The topic for the month? The same as my dilemma of course! Makeovers! My girlfriend gave me the task of going through magazines and finding looks I like but that I can make my own. Then write out a list of all the stores I KNOW I will find something at. SO the process begins. I basically want everything that's in here! Stay tuned as I go through this process of transforming my closet and my lifestyle!

Friday, August 13, 2010


This past weekend I was given freshly picked pears!  The person who gave them to me quickly said "I am going to make preserves with mine!"  Suddenly I knew what my pears would soon become as well.  I have never made preserves before.  SO... I thought I would show you my process.  I didn't have time to actually finish the preserves.  So next week I will post the completed preserves and let you know how the turn out! I can taste it already!