Monday, September 27, 2010

To Wash or Not to Wash That is the Question!

How do you make your jeans last?  Well, I try not to dry them in the dryer.  More often then not I have waited to the last minute to wash them and I wind up putting them their anyway.  I was introduced to a new school of thought this weekend.  Derrick at the GAP in Perimeter Mall Dunwoody, GA helped us with our purchases.  First let me praise Derrick.  GAP was very busy as they had put on a 50% off Jeans sale from 12-3 in the afternoon.  That should tell you something about how busy it was.  He really took the time to help us and find what we needed.  Then he dropped knowledge on us too! What more could you ask for?  OK anyway so my hubby asked how much should he expect the jeans to shrink?  **side note: he was asking because as we had discussed he is working on dressing for his body and doing a wardrobe transformation. So he was buys his first pair of straight leg Jeans... a more narrow cut to fit his frame** I digress... So Derrick said well if you wash them you will see about 2% shrinkage ever 2 months... BUT... you should never wash your jeans. If you can imagine we were very perplexed by his statement.  He then went on to explain how to care for your jeans.

After my return home I had to look up his claims.  There they were! in black in white... almost word for word what he was telling us! It was an article printed in the Wall Street Journal by CHERYL LU-LIEN TAN . Check the article out here.   Anyone up to trying it??

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Change is Coming...

So keeping up with a blog is hard work!  I have been so crazy I haven't been keeping you guys updated!  Ok here we go!

As I previously stated I am so ready for changes in my life.  Well they are starting.  As of Monday I started a new job!  New names, new faces, new everything.  I even joined the rest of the Atlanta population and got my self a commute! Ok, not so excited about that one.  Last week my hubby and I went on a cruise vacation in celebration of our 3 year wedding Anniversary.  The de-stressing process goes as follows: Sleep, Eat, Lay Out (sleeping while in direct sun) Eat some more, Sleep some more and repeat for 5 days.  So I followed that very strict de-stress process for the entire trip. I did not allow myself to think about anything stressful; not to think about the pounds I was sending to my hips.  Now its go time! Time to make necessary lifestyle changes, make sure not to let stress back in my life.  Change is coming... and I am ready for it!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy Anniversary My Love!

The things I have learned about you in 3 years of marriage

1. He claims he never knew how goofy I was until we married

2. Although quiet when in big groups he is very outgoing

3. He is sensitive to my emotional needs

4. He secretly loves my dog

5. As he falls asleep he flinches

6. He has a fascination with glass blowing

7. He is his father in every way but is still so much like his mother

8. He sees his mother in me (how flattering)

9. He has an amazing family

10. When he has some drinks in him he suddenly finds the rhythm in music

11. He makes up meanings to words to fit what he is trying to say

12. He is very ingenuitive

13. He is a great wood worker

14. When I start a sentence with SOOO…. He worries what will follow

15. He is a great listener

16. He is a great teacher

17. He has food texture issues but if you don’t tell him it’s there he doesn’t ;)

18. He has amazing will power

19. He refuses to believe he has allergies

20. Above all I have learned that I wouldn’t have him any other way!

I love you baby! 3 years down, forever to go…