Friday, July 30, 2010

Stumbled upon some fun!

I have a couple fun website to share with you.  I received an email from Shecky's, which if you don't know has awesome Girls Night Out events.  Their newsletter shared a wonderful website called

Workchic Co-Founders, Melissa McGraw and Jennifer Diana created this site to help women "dress for work by offering suggestions on outfits, fit guidelines, tips and tricks on how to look professional, feminine, and chic."  As I looked through the pages of workchic, I came across another wonderful website! (It was a very good  day!) This website is call Polyvore

Polyvore allows you to make your own fashion collages.  I was so excited!  I could not wait to pair my items from Berlynn Designs with some of my favorite items.  Unfortunately I found out that I could not use Polyvore with Etsy. :(   SO I went and made one myself in a photo editor.  AND.... Drum roll please>>>>

 It is pretty simple but I think it gets the point across of how you can put a ladytie with your own work gear.  Enjoy my new finds!  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did! 


  1. Hey! I saw you and Ashley on Dana's blog about a month ago and I flipped out! I ran into Shekina at the convention and she told me about your etsy shop which led me here! I'm a new sewer myself ... mostly skirts and stuff for the girls, but it's so much fun! Well, I'll check in your shop periodically and see what you're up to! Plz give your family our love! :-)

  2. Hey Nikki! I am so happy you found me! how about I never saw this comment until today! I have some chages to make to my settings. I am so happy to see that your sewing. Dana is awesome we had a blast. Keep up with your sewing. We send our love! xoxo