Monday, April 19, 2010

First Post!

Hello Everyone! I am so excited to finally launch my blog and soon a new website!

My name is Alicia Chester and I have started creating an accessory brand named Berlynn Designs. Let me give you a little history on our name and how we began.

The name Berlynn is a marrying of my husband and my middle names. Since this brand would be a joint venture, it would only be appropriate for us to start by joining our names. We have always been a crafty pair, so we always exchange creative homemade gifts. Also, my husband gave me an AWESOME scavenger hunt wedding proposal that involved many original ideas.

One day he told me that a sewing machine was on sale. I had been taught the basics of sewing from my grandmother, a career seamstress, and my mother, who in those desperate times of need would quickly run to her machine to mend clothes for my sister and me.

I suddenly had a machine all of my own! Not knowing I could sew, my new hubby was quite surprised at my abilities. He then mentioned it would be nice to make his own neckties, knowing that truly meant "it would be nice if YOU made my neckties". I was excited to embark on my newly presented challenge. Now more than 2 years later, who knew that would be my passion?!

We have now taken what I thought would be a fleeting idea and made it that and so much more! I am so excited to share our journey with all of you! Along the way we will talk about family, food, life, and of course great fashion!

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