Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's a Polka Party!

All the clothes are Thrifted!  Shoes-Guess(TJ MAXX)

Okay more like a polka DOT party... 

So I have to be honest here... I didn't like this outfit when I put it on but once I saw it on the pictures I did!  Unfortunately for me... my ankle is still messed up so I am kinda bumming it today.  I don't truly get to enjoy my step outside the box.  I will have to find another reason to wear it later on. 

 Its still pretty ugly in Georgia too... Good News though! "They" are saying we are going to have an early spring... "They"  I always find that humorous... who are "THEY"? "THEY" know everything and we take it as fact.  Well I guess in the case of early spring "THEY" is really Puxatony Phil and here in Georgia General Beauregard Lee.   Sure hope they're right!

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