Tuesday, January 25, 2011

In time-out for not following instructions

Well, it's a rainy Tuesday in Atlanta.  It's ok... Spring is coming! I can feel it in my bones.  I may be a little bit ahead of myself but I don't care!  They sun is setting later, rising earlier, birds are chirping and the air is crisper.  All good things!  

So I was so excited about Every Body Every Wear but then I realized I didn't pay ANY attention to the "Breton" part... I just saw stripes... oh well, I will try again next time to follow instructions.  I was never very good at that, I usually just find my own way to do just about everything.  For those that did follow instructions you can find them at Every Body Every Wear... I will be here in time-out for not listening.  I will do better next time! 


  1. I'm wearing plaid since I don't have stripes. :/

  2. You look very nice in the just stripes part. What a fun blazer! I love this professional look for you!

  3. Hehe no time-out, it's okay, very few of the stripes were technically Breton! I think this blazer is a wonderful piece (very fun) and that first photo is fantastic :D

  4. Ha, no time out necessary. You look great - love the belted blazer. Speaking of blazer, that's our next theme on EBEW, so you are ahead of the game!

    The Auspicious Life