Monday, January 3, 2011

Future Plans Revealed!

It's a new year... Can you believe it?  2010 passed so quickly but looking back on it, it seems so much has happened there is no way we could have crammed all of that into just one year!  

So I told you had new plans for the blog.  Are you ready for them?  SO... Over the next few weeks you will start to see a new look on the blog.  One of the things you will see are new features!

One for you to help the gentlemen in your lives.
My hubby will have a monthly feature about mens fashion.  He will post outfits and his first feature will discuss fit.  He recently discovered that the way he dressed was not best for his body style.  He will explain how he revamped his closet and his look.

Another monthly feature will be "The Look for Thrift" I will find an inspiration picture, celeb look, mag spread, whatever it may be and re-create the look with most the items being purchased at a thrift.  If you see an image you think I should try, send it my way  I just might try it! 

Along the way (when I get my camera back) I will still post outfits, along with some craft projects and yummy food recipes. 

 I am working on a letter to my future self.  Wait, I am not going crazy.  I found this cool idea at Makeunder My Life.


You write yourself a letter of all the things you want to accomplish as if they have already been accomplished.  Great idea right?!  See, told ya I wasn't crazy.  Anywho... I will share some of my future accomplishments when I complete my letter.   I look forward to getting to know more of you and you getting to know more about me.  Until the next time... be fashionable


  1. I am looking forward to the thrifted looks! I hope you get your camera back soon :)

  2. This looks fabulous! Can't wait for the men's fashion posts..boyfriend could use some help getting out of the lumberjack slump..would love to know your favorite man places to shop! New plans sound super exciting!!!

  3. I love the Thrift idea! I will definately check back for that :)

  4. These plans are so exciting! I'm actually really interested in the men's fashion to be honest and the thrifting idea is nifty!! Can't wait!

    Also still sending get-well-soon vibes to your camera.. :)