Wednesday, December 8, 2010

30 for 30 Day 28 (Tights Week)

Belt and Dress Thrifted

Necklace-Thrifted by my mom years ago

Cardigan- Old Navy

Tights and Shoes-TJ Maxx

Ever have those days when it starts of so out of wack that you think surely you will have a bad day?  No, just me? Oh well I had one today.  I tried going back to sleep after my alarm went off and my hubby so "lovingly" told me to "get up!" no really he did say it lovingly... I just didn't want to.  Then I was behind on time since I tried sneaking those extra zzzzz....  Then I couldn't find this gray cardigan, I take my pictures in advance so I have NO clue where it is. Maybe still at my mom's house.  I had to sub a different gray cardigan...  Then I get in the car to head to work but can't find my cell phone! Well I stuck it in my makeup bag seeing as I was running so late makeup was not done before leaving.  
What a morning! Whew. 

 Guess what! My day has been pretty good.  No complaints. I attribute it to my bright cheery dress on a cold freezing day! 


  1. That is such a pretty dress :) You're almost done!

  2. i love the print on this dress. so colorful! and yes, i have mornings like that at least once a week.


  3. What a fun dress- I don't remember seeing it in the remix. I love the pattern!

    The Auspicious Life

  4. Sorry Baby, I have your gray cardigan.


  5. That's what I thought. It all worked out though I had another. :)

  6. That dress is fantastic and the necklace is so cute, what great finds :) Also, love the tights... I'm glad your day turned around!