Friday, December 3, 2010

30 for 30 Day 23

It's Friday and day 23! My tire rolled past me, I got a honking good outfit comment and I am a bit spoiled...

I will explain...

Jeans, shoes, shirt, bracelet-Thrifted!

Blazer-Banana Republic Outlet


What a morning I had! Let me just say I watched my tire roll past me on the expressway.  You heard me, my tire broke away from my rim and rolled down the expressway!  I was in disbelief.  I felt like the road was getting bumpy so I switched to the next lane over, well that lane felt "bumpy" too.  This is when I thought my tire must be flat.  I quickly start calling the hubby.  Well, as I start telling him "hey, I think my tire is going flat" I look in the side view mirror to see my tire roll past me... I said "oh, no, wait, make that my tire is gone, It just rolled past me.  He quickly headed toward me (about an hour drive from our home).  I also called my Daddy.  He too headed toward me to save the day... I know I am spoiled.  Hey, they don't call me princess for nothing. Anywho, they both got stuck in traffic and in the mean time a HERO unit came up behind me (Here in GA we have these trucks that drive around assisting motorist).  A voice came from the truck "Ma'am pull the car up". I was SAVED!!! Oh, did I not tell you I am dramatic at times too... One last thing, I got a "comment" for this outfit from another motorist... How you ask?... well as I am trying to uncover my spare for my Random HERO man, some one gave me a honk! I was kinda surprised... my HERO just looked up at me and smiled. All that to say, I am safe and sound and ...


  1. Well, lady, I can see why you got an awesome compliment today! Your outfit is ridiculous! You look gorgeous.

    Sorry you had such a tough morning, but I'm glad you had so many helpers in the wings! Have a great weekend!

  2. Your a dear! Once my hubby finally saw the tire, or lack there of I should say... he was speechless. Some days will be like this. The rest of my day was awesome.

  3. That sounds like a crazy morning, I never heard of something like that happening. I'm happy your safe and someone came to help you.

    btw: Your outfit is wonderful! Plus you look chic and every piece was thrift. Go head!

  4. holy moly, that would break me. i know nothing about changing tires and with my luck there'd be no hero man!! so glad it worked out for you:)

  5. Your tire just rolled off?! That's crazy! I don't know what I would do. Clearly all of us need a lesson in changing tires.
    The Auspicious Life

  6. First of all I'm glad you're ok, I would have been flipping out!

    Secondly, that outfit is fabulous you look so chic!!